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No FICO score required No Loan Origination Fee’s Apply in minutes

Who We Are

Welcome to Credit Clique. We are a peer-to-peer credit matchmaking service. Credit Clique seeks to create personal and business growth by helping to connect people to capital. Our advanced process and data driven approach allows us to go beyond FICO scores to determine credit worthiness. We help to build partnerships between people that allows for personal and business growth.

Our Loan Products

Competitive Interest Rates

  • Personal and Student loan rates starting at 3.25% APR
  • Good grades can lead to rate adjustments, strong consistent academic standing can lead to approval for more credit lines.
  • Better refinancing rate on Sallie Mae loans flexible repayments and custom payment deferment options

No Loan Origination Fees

  • No origination fees Low application fee
  • Average savings of $600 on Federal Direct PLUS Loans.

Loan Amounts

  • Full Cost of education covered; tuition, housing, basic meal plan, and credit for books and related supplies.

Credit Clique is not a bank. Credit Clique takes the time to work with you and will take risks where traditional lenders and banks will not.